Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things That Bring Contentment

Today was an up and down sort of day.  Stress, pain (physical: my lower left side seems intent on slowly ripping itself apart), frustrations.  But it also brought good news, and surprising moments of peace.  I am choosing to focus on things that bring me contentment as this odd, anxious day slips away.

Contentment Is:
-The sound of rain coming through an open window
-Raspberry tea, which seems to have been brewed specifically to soothe my soul
-Talking to one of my best friends for hours about Serious Important Grown Up Stuff (like moving, and long distance, and injuries) and Silliness too (she's making bagels: brunch is the best).
-My big brother.  
-My little brother.
-Conversations, however brief, beginning with that ringtone and ending with "I love you."
-Frank Sinatra from another room in the apartment: it means my roommates are home.  It means He is in a good mood or She wants to dance. Or maybe both.
-Cut off shorts and unpinning my hair.

What brings you a feeling of contentment or peace, friends?