Monday, May 27, 2013

Allow Me to {Re}Introduce Myself Part II

The long and the short of it is: part one gave you an idea of what I did in college, and why my blogging then was sporadic. I thought maybe a better {re}introduction would include more, well, facts about who I am. So below are 23 Facts {because I'm 23 and that seemed as good a number as any} about me. 

1.) Lela isn't my "real," name.  It's one of my dozen or so nicknames. I think it's pretty.
2.) I talk a l- o-t.  As in, a lot a lot. Maybe too much.  Occasionally too much. Ok, pretty much always too much.
3.) I have the most ridiculous case of wanderlust.  It's more than itchy feet: it's like itchy-personality. I think I just described myself as a wool sweater.  Whoops.
4.) <-- the number of years, as of this August, I've been with my Boyfriend. I guess you could say it's love. 
5.) I really, really, really like avocados, raspberries, chocolate and mangos.
6.) I cannot stomach black licorice, celery, or coffee. 
7.) If you talk to me about books or music enthusiastically, we will immediately become very good friends. 
8.) I have a thing for stars. 
9.) I am terrified of snakes. And elevators. I know, I know. 
10.) Despite being an avid tea drinker and overall tea enthusiast, I am not into green tea. I just don't like it. I realize that makes me an alien. 
11.) I'm totally that friend - the Feminist, the Advocate, the Social Justice Ranter. I do the cruelty free make up and waving around pamphlets and the only eating free range meat and the fair trade everything and generally cause a ruckus.  
12.) My lucky number is 2: especially when it is combined with but not added to 3. For instance, 6 is awesome. 5 is not. This makes 12 one of my rad-est numbers ever.
13.) I have four siblings. A younger biological sister and brother, and an older pseudo/unofficiallly adopted brother/sister duo. They are my 4 favorites. 
14.) I am pretty sure I was born with salt water in my veins instead of blood. 
15.) I not-so secretly haven't totally abandoned my dreams of being a wedding planner, baker, chef, or expert on Arthurian legends and fairy tales. 
16.) I cannot dive, whistle, or ride a bike. Such a weirdo.
17.) Currently this seems to be in vogue so I don't know how to say it without sounding like a hipster but . .  I'm a geek. As in read LOTR when I was 12 and wrote secret notes to my pen pal in elvish, had a dream about traveling with the Doctor, read the Star Wars books in late grade school, and recently got in an all out argument about the finer points of how the Wolverine movie ruined Gambit and his backstory. 
18.) I really love big families. 
19.) I'm an avid sports fan: the opening ceremonies for the Olympics make me cry every year. I consider Boston Sports my second religion: my first crush was boxer Oscar Dela Hoya.
20.) Maybe it has something to do with facts seventeen and nineteen, but its always been more natural for me to have a meaningful relationship with males than females. Most of my friends are guys. 
21.) I am allergic or immune to virtually every painkiller on the market. 
22.) I believe in adventure, kindness, and courage more than anything else. 
23.) I'm a practicing Catholic. 

I'd love to get to know any one who reads my blog better! So please comment below with facts about you, or maybe do one-fact-per-year-of-your-life on your own blog and leave a link below! And as always, feel free to comment/respond below. 



Allow Me To {Re}Introduce Myself Part I

Hi.  I'm Lela.

Here is what I look like:

I just graduated on May 11th from a small liberal arts college in New England.

While in school, I double majored in Dance and Theatre:

              {I know. I wore some weird shit.}

I also spent a lot of time {as in all of my "free" time} doing tech and learning stage combat:

{It was pretty awesome}
College was amazing.  I learned so much - which I know is the point of higher education. And I was an avid consumer of everything my faculty shared with me in the classroom, taking 20+ credits at a time. I improved my technique as a performer and artist, explored new horizons within myself as well as in the world around me, and pursued new avenues.  Between all the classes, rehearsals, auditions, performances, the voice lessons, the three-on-campus jobs, the a capella group, etc. etc. I was really busy and kind of a bad blogger.  But blogging has always been something I love: something I turn to as a further form of creativity and inspiration.  Of release and exploration.  Simply put, I love telling stories: and words were invented, I think, just for that purpose.  So I'm reintroducing myself to the blogging world: a new venture for me to more seriously commit to moving forward.  

It's a pleasure to meet you!