The Resolutions 2013

It's a New Year - alright, well, maybe by the point your reading this or I'm rereading it the year is half over.  Who knows where in the year it actually is, but at this moment it is the new year.  A blank page waiting to be painted with life and vibrancy.  Here are my resolutions for 2013:

1.) Enjoy it.  I have one semester of undergrad left, and who knows if grad school will be in my future or not?  All I know for certain it this time, with these people, in this place, well it's coming to a close.  I owe it to myself to enjoy it.

2.) Prioritize.  Take the time to figure out what my priorities are and how to make them all fit time-wise, financially, and energy wise. It might be time to start eliminating some distractions.

3.) Budget my time and money better: most people who know me will tell you I am constantly on the go with a hundred balls in the air at once.  I also pay for pretty much everything in my life myself and have most of the way through school: but I could be better about budgeting everything.  The real world is here and I need to get myself better pulled together to handle it all!

4.) Take up meditation.

5.) Get my license

6.) Go to at least one place I've never been.

7.) Be brave.  Whatever that means to me in the moment: fighting against my desire to do the "safe" or the "right" thing and let courage and passion be my guides.