Saturday, December 11, 2010

So, In The Past Month. . .

As mentioned in last night's post, it has been a little more than a month since the last time I blogged.  So much for using this medium to document my life/keep folks updated.  So this post is going to try to fill everyone in one what happened in that month (more or less.)  Ready?  Set?  Go!

*Medea opened.  Medea is the name of a classic Greek tragedy by Euripides .  It's one of the oldest plays in the Western cannon, and an incredible artistic venture.  I had the privellage to be cast as a Wise Woman of the chorus in the show.  This was thrilling, because it was not only my first role in a play, it was a complex and exciting one.  The Greek chorus is the precursor to the Chorus Line, the Corps de Ballet, choirs, and extras in a film - we chant, create soundeffects, narrate the story, interact with the leads, interact with the audience, and have whole sections of dance, chanting, and lines to add depth to the story and clarify things to the audience.  Sometimes, we represent what a charcter is thinking or feeling or perceiving: other times, we play "ourselves" (each chorus member creates a name and complex backstory for themself, to make their reactions more realistic).  This show was an incredible experience for me to be a part of: and it was hugely successful!  We had several shows at capacity in the beautiful new Mainstage.  I was so grateful by the family and friends who came and were part of those audiences.  Almost every night for two weeks, when I came out from backstage there was someone there waiting with a smile, a hug, and a congratulations!  Friends, famlily, faculty, classmates, and Boyfriend (it was very exciting to have Boyfriend come, as he had never seen me perform before!).

*The Mainstage opened.  Ok, so this is really more like a sub-event within the umbrella of events that was Medea.  The Mainstage, as I mentioned above, is the brand new theater at my college.  It's BEAUTIFUL, large, state of the art, safe, and the crown jewel of my small college's facilities.  Opening night was such a HUGE deal, and it was thrilling to be part of.  Everyone from the Board of Trustees to the President of the College, the arcithects of the Mainstage to it's donors was present at that first sold-out show.  There were also agents and producers milling about, faculty (some of whom cried, score), Senators (yup) and lots of people in fancy clothes.  All of the cast members were encouraged to get dressed up and come out and smile at these important people who keep our Arts Department running.  I put  on my "big girl clothes" (aka a pretty black dress, some heels, my ONE necklace, a headband and a smile) and altered my stage make up . . . and stepped out into a whole different world.  Ok, so it was just my college with a few decorations and some fancy desserts.  But it might as well have been the post-Oscar reception!  Needless to say, I had a ball and was thrilled. . . it showed me that other people love this, too. Art and theater and performance, and they value those of us who pursue it.  What an awesome feeling.

*I was nominated as an alternate for a major acting award.  More on that later as I contiune to hyperventalate and rehearse.

*Thanksgiving.  Five days "off" from higher education, spent bouncing around from place to place, eating yummy food and watching movies.

*I had a bit of a setback with my arm.

* I discovered I'm violently, bizzarely allergic to ice.

*Finals "week" began.  Technically finals week begins tomorrow, but I'm a Dance Major, and we have TWO weeks of finals. . . the week before is finals for all dance technique classes, and many dance academic classes hold finals then too (Creative Movement, Dance History, Pedagogy, etc.)

Well, I guess thats more or less the gist of things!  I promise to not bombared you with such long-winded-catching-up-on-life-posts in the future, my dear readers.

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