Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Fast, Super Important Weekly Gratitude

Hello Blogosphere!

I'm so happy it's Weekly Gratitude time!  I'm very tired, so this will be quick. . . but I truly have so much to be grateful for this week.

*I'm grateful for the way my list day at home went.  I'm grateful for moving in to my warm, beautiful dorm room with my mom's help, the cheerful sounds of my C.A.'s music in the hallway.  I'm grateful for dinner at Rick's with mom, and chatting online with my bestfriend in the world as I settled my things.

*I'm grateful for the most amazing assortment of classes EVER.  Every single day, I have dance and theater.  My only two non-performing arts based classes are Comparative Religions and Honors Colloquium.  Both of which are awesome classes that I have been looking forward to for a long time.

*I'm grateful for dance.

*I'm grateful for how smashingly well Ballet 6 went.  Just as our class size doubled I was able to distinguish myself from the pack.  And it simply felt amazing. . . the whole class.

*I'm grateful for Modern 6.  It's the most advanced modern we have until senior year (with very, very, very rare exception) and it was so inspiring.  I didn't realize how much more I could push, but now I do!

*Festival.  This is going to be one of the most awesome weeks of my life.

*My girls: saturday we spent hours in the mall (something I've never done before.  I know.  weird.) and then went to Dev's house and soaked in her hot tub. . . in January.  At nine o'clock at night.  Meanwhile, one of the wonderful girls I live with took my laundry (which in my hurry that morning I forgot) and air dried it in my room for me. . . so all I had left to do this morning was fold and pack for Festival.  And my wonderful C.A., who is also President of the club I'm Secretary for took over one of my duties, so I could concentrate on getting ready to go.

*Cell phones.  I understand the concept of letters: I think there is something beautiful and romantic about them.  But I truly don't know how I would manage a long distance relationship without at least hearing his voice.  I guess I'm a true child of my generation. . .

*Pretty, fun accessories that I can purchase on gift cards and not have to spend money on new outfits.

*Lovely readers.

*The chance to explore my craft(s).

*My faith.

*Falling asleep with my cellphone still in my hand. . . and actually sleeping all the way through the night.

What are you thankful for, my friends?


  1. Today I am thankful that my morning class was canceled haha. I love that you make thankful lists regularly. I need to get into that habit!

  2. Thanks for reading! I'm glad you like it - I stole the particular concept of "Weekly Gratitude," from Tatiana at Love, Life, Lace.