Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Hi there!  So I had originally started doing this weekly gratitude thing quiet awhile ago: I was inspired by my friend Alivia of the charming Alivia Thinks This.  She in turn borrowed the idea from Tatiana of Love, Life, Lace.  I thought it was a really swell idea, and that I should join in.  A set, weekly time to express gratitude?  To remember to step back and say thanks?  What a cool idea!  However, I have been one negligent little lady in the last few, well. . . months (ouch).  So my last weekly gratitude post was aaaaaaaallll the way back in January, during Festival (one of the best weeks ever, btw. so. much. fun.).  I'm here tryin' to get back on the horse though!  And in one sense, my attempt at Weekly Gratitude as a blogger was a success: even all those weeks I haven't actually written anything, I've been much more aware of my blessings.  So thanks Alivia & Tatiana!  And without any further ado, here are some things I'm grateful for this week.

*I'm grateful for the chance for higher education.  Almost loosing it because my dad wouldn't finish the taxes, and then hearing an international student talking about how higher education (especially in the performing arts) is such a "luxury," and a "pleasure," and how much "freedom," it allows really reminded me of how lucky I am.  And how easy it is to loose those blessings. . .

*I'm grateful for cell phones.  I know I've said this one before, but it's true.  Hearing his voice before I go to sleep has been the best counteraction ever for insomnia.

*I'm grateful for bus tickets that cost less than 25 dollars, so I can spend long weekends with family.

*I'm grateful for long weekends.

*I'm grateful for Netflix.

*I'm grateful for the girls in my dance comp piece: we banged out the entire dance in a single rehearsal for 2 out of three!  My third girl learned her part in 27 minutes!  Now all I have to do is worry about the clean up rehearsal on Monday.  You ladies are incredible.

*I'm grateful for super talented friends like my girl Quigs.  Her mad photography skills this week were put to the test turning me into a Cabaret girl from the 30's.

*I'm grateful for red lipstick, red nail polish, and finally having the courage to try them out.

*I'm grateful for the three amazing and emotional dance composition pieces I've been able to be part of: Julia, Emily, and Devon have each given me a challenge to be answered in movement, and I've loved it.

*I'm grateful for dance.  After Salvation, it's the greatest blessing I've got.

*I'm grateful for an inspiring group of peers - and the friendships I've built with them.  Don't know how I'm going to handle graduation, but so lucky to know there are talented, creative, and inspiring people headed out to the real world who I can call friends.

*Grateful that sometimes it's the last guy you'd expect to be the nice guy.

*Grateful that I have male relationships that are so positive, they sometimes seem to counterbalance the mess that was my childhood/teenage years of fear.

*Grateful for blogging, journaling, and tumblr.  I seem to have a lot of self to express.

*Grateful to you, if you're reading this.

*Grateful for tomorrow.

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