Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekly Gratitude 7/9

Hell (my little corner of the blogging) world!  I know Weekly Gratitude is usually on Fridays, but I've had a busy week!  So I apologize for my tardiness - better late than never, no?  So without any further ado, here are somethings I've been blessed with this week:

*Childhood friends.  I know my friends are often mentioned on these lists, but this week I am grateful for that handful of beautiful individuals who have literally been with me my entire life.  We don't talk as often as we should, and we see each other less.  But when we do speak, we understand each other.  And when we do see each other, we truly see each other, for the people we were (even as babies!) and the people we've become, and the people we've always wanted to be.

*Warm days!  Woohoo with the nice weather!

*Thank you for such an awesome boss.  We're really working together to make our summer schedule a success and bring healthy habits, fun, and new chances to our kiddos.

*I'm so grateful for the chance to be part of such an amazing, beautiful, and love filled wedding.  To the Artist & the Marine:  all the love I have and all the blessings I can ask for are sent with you into your new life.

*Thank you for a Boyfriend who remembered which girlie movies I just had to see, even when I forgot.

*I'm grateful for a day in the pool and the sun with some of my favorite boys, and a night of fireworks to follow it up.

*Fireworks!  Beautiful wonderful fireworks, all week long.

*Speaking of fireworks, thank you for my blessing of being born in this country.  Yes, it is flawed and young and headstrong, like the international teenager it is.  But America is also free and strong and richBlessed beyond measure and protected by some of the world's finest troops

*Thank you for the birth of this nation, which we celebrated this week.

*Thank you for another nation joining the ranks of freedom: congratulations to the people of South Sudan!  And happy birthday to the world's newest country: We're very excited to meet you.

*Thank you for the chance to see one of those fine troops again: one of Boyfriend's best friends (and in many ways, his big brother) is home for a visit until he and his are shipped across country to their new base.

And with that I say goodnight moon, goodnight stars, and goodnight fellow bloggers. 

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