Friday, August 26, 2011

I Was Rather Excited

Thinking about how I've spent virtually my whole summer in sweats, leggings, or jogging shorts and some form of tank top.  I do, after all work at a Fitness and Fun Camp for children. . .

But soon I'll be headed back to school!  Where I can indulge in jeans, and layering, and varying my hair!  Then I realized I am a dance major.

So my hair will always be in a bun.  And I'll be endlessly wearing some form of leggings or jazzpants, with a sweater.  'Cept when I'm in rehearsal.  I get to wear Frye boots then (for the sword fighting.)

At least the sweater will be a change of pace, right?

Sigh.  That my friends is what we call a "fail."

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