Monday, May 28, 2012

Tiny Taut Toned & Tan 2012

Hello there friends!

I can't believe it's Monday again. . . things are starting back up again in my life so soon.  Boyfriend starts his summer classes tomorrow (yay! one step closer to graduation!) and I have my first rehearsal for my summer show. I'm very excited to say that after last week's audition process I got a role in a community theatre (nothing too fancy folks) production of Aida.  We were all informed how teeny tiny eensy weensy itty bitty SMALL our costumes were going to be - especially for us dancing slave girls over here.  Eeeekk!  And of course, the goal is to look as "summery" and "ethnic" as possible since "Aida," is in fact set in Ancient Egypt.  So I was asked to get a bit more tan - spray, self-tanner, sunshine, booth, bed, whatever.  Well there are several reasons why I won't be lying out with baby oil or running to a tanning bed.  The first being you know, skin cancer.  Scary stuff right there and not something this girl is gonna mess with.  The second reason being I tan just like a strawberry: red, bumpy, and freckled.  My Italian/Portuguese/Sicilian/possibly Spanish and/or Brazilian ancestors did not bless me with their tan complexions or burn-resistant skin!  Rather those fair Swedes, ruddy Scots, and pale Brits on my mother's side gave me their genes. . .  so I will be trying some nice, gradual tanning lotions, like the kind Dove & Jergens make.  Probably the CVS brand though, 'cause homegirl's money is all gonna be going to gas. . . .

Now here's the thing.  I'm  not a terrible human specimen.  I am not obese.  I am well within the "healthy" range of any scale, chart, or index you'd like to measure a person's weight and height and body fat percentages against.  My clothes have no "X" anywhere on them.  I am in better health than most of young America these days.  But. . . but I've been in better shape.  And I want to be again.  But I am w-a-y on the large side for dancers (at least the successful ones).  And no, that stereotype isn't just because of looks and aesthetic.  It's because lean, toned bodies are strong bodies and in order to be a truly impressive performer you must have a strong body.  I want that.  I want to be the best at my job, the very best I can be - in passion, in technique, in strength, in charisma, in work, in performance.  I had been using the agents that come and look at our Senior class every fall (eeeeeeeekkkk!  This fall! My class!  HolyLordAboveWhenDidThatHappenToMe?) and the fact that I am genuinely a happier person when I am healthier as my motivators.

Now I have the prospect of being 2/3 nakey on stage singing, twirling scarves, and wearing very heavy eyeliner as a motivator.  And that's coming before the agents.  As in July vs. October.  Holy balls, Batman.

So I am embarking on a little venture I'm calling Tiny, Taut, Toned, & Tan 2012. (If nothing else, I am good for some alliteration eh?).  My goals are as follow:

1.) Get down to a size 2/3 (I am currently a 4/5) in pants

2.) Loose 15 - 20 lbs.  I knowIknowIknowIknow thats the same amount EVERYONE and their mama wants to loose but seriously guys!  My comfort weight is about 15 lbs lighter than I currently am, I've been there before, I can maintain their, my Physical Therapist/accidental personal trainer even approves.  I'm GOOD I swear.

3.) Have a stomach I am proud of.

4.) Earn back my toned dancers legs.  I've been heartbroken  by the toll my hip injury has taken on my strength, let alone my appearance.  I have lost enough to the sad being that assaulted me - I will not loose my strength or my self-esteem to him as well.

The promise I am making to myself is:

Once a week, I will put up a blog post about the steps I've taken to be healthier that week.  This isn't a diet, this is my lifestyle and I want to keep myself honest.  I will weight myself twice a week and record it, so I can see my progress.  I will eat clean - you don't need a lecture on what that means.  I will forgive myself for being less than perfect.  I will "exercise" in some way everyday no matter what, at bare minimum taking a 30 minute walk.  No, my rehearsals will not count.  I will laugh more, because it is good for you.  I will sleep earlier and rise sooner.

Do any of you have summer health/fitness/weight loss goals?  Share in comments or link back to your blog so I can follow your journey too!


  1. I def need to sleep earlier and get up sooner, because today I woke up at 10:15 and I thought that was early... Plus, it might be good for helping me lose weight and these bags under my eyes! I need my dancer legs back too and if I can get as tiny as u in the middle, i'll be good to go :P

  2. I agree with the whole 'heck no skin cancer' idea! I avoid it too... I want to have beautiful skin when I'm old and wrinkly! :)

    The BEST self tanner I ever used (and I've dabbled with probably 20) was a self tanner lotion by Bath & Body Works and it was the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent. I hate the scent personally, but the coverage and color of the tan was amazing. I have a lot of Scot and Hungarian in me and tend to be right on the line as far as 'bake or burn'!