Monday, July 16, 2012

Bad Blogger.

Ok.  So that whole Blogging-Everyday-For-The-Summer thing?  Clearly did not work out last week.  I make no excuses for myself: I made a commitment and I didn't follow through.  But I'm back and we're taking another crack at it.  The rest of the summer, ladies and gents! I'm going to give you a quick fill in on what happened last week, and then jump right into my first Introducing post!

So, in the past week:

*We had an amazing week of camp.  Lots of laughing little ones, yummy fruit-and-veggie snacks, and successful classes.

*I finished choreographing and teaching the dance I was hired to choreograph for a wedding.  It felt amazing to have completed a job like that, and to the customer's satisfaction.

*We completed blocking on "Aida."  For those of you who aren't involved with theatre, blocking is setting anything that isn'ta dance routine.  Where people stand, walk, how they move during conversations, formations, etc. It's a big accomplishment to know every dance has been learned, all the songs are finished, and all of the blocking is done.  We can officially start  doing runs and cleaning!  Yay!

*My college bill for Senior Year came, with a nasty, shocking and maybe prohibitive surprise.

*I jumped through yet more hoops with my insurance company, trying to get my physical therapy from the spring paid for. On the upside, this problem should be more or less resolved now.  That's a relief one, because the fine people at my physical therapy center gave me great treatment and have been amazingly patient waiting for payment.  Two, it is a relief because I am in need of MRIs and other tests to determine what further treatment I am in need of, and I have spent several months now without any physical therapy or treatment at all, despite a prescribed regular cortisone shot and physical therapy.  Hopefully I can continue on my path to recovery now!

*After the stressfullness listed above, I had an awesome weekend with a small group of friends, some of whom I know from school and others whom I have met through Aida, which we're all involved in.

Hopefully this week (which has already started kinda stressing me out) goes smoother than last with as many big things taken care of!  Everyone have an amazing Monday, ok?

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