Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Amazing Week Ends, Another Begins.

What. A. Week!  Since last Monday, life has been nonstop madness - in a beautiful, chaotic sort of way.  We started adding in costumes and quick changes to "Aida."  We had a full week of camp, with lots of campers very eagerly joining us for fun and play.  Instead of going back to Boyfriend's Friday night per usual, I stayed at Mum's and enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies (I'm an o-b-s-e-s-s-i-v-e Olympics fan, and have been since the age of two when my mom turned it on in the background, thinking it would put me to sleep and woke several hours later to me glued to some sort of swimming event) because Saturday, I was filming a music video for an experimental/electronic/indie artist. One of my friends who goes to school in Philly film making and is interning in NYC for the summer got the job, and decided I was the perfect "girl that got away," for the music video.  It was awesome working with him and another good friend of ours, both boys I've known since we were in diapers together.

There's nothing like looking at someone and saying "I remember when you still peed your pants all the time," is there?

Then today was "Newspaper Day," at "Aida," with photographs being taken and interviews being conducted and sneak peaks of certain scenes and songs being granted. Tomorrow Boyfriend has this silly idea that we're going to spend the day in together, just hanging around being bums. . . haven't got the heart to tell him I have a phone meeting with my advisor among many other things to do tomorrow. . . then Tuesday is appointments, rehearsal, back to Mum's house to start rehearsals & work as the usual evil duo.  It's all worth it for this Friday night though!  I get to see My Boys - my two wonderful, silly, ridiculous, talented, obnoxious friends who just graduated in May and are essentially my main headache and two of my biggest joys - perform an amazing Shakespeare piece on the Boston Commons.  Right after work Mum and I are driving down and making an evening of it!

The next day it's back to Beantown for a professional Lacrosse game with Boyfriend, his dad, and one of his brothers.  Sunday kicks off Hell Week (more on that later) in addition to another mad work week.

Phew!  Can't wait.

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