Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Grattitude (6/24-7/1)

Hello there friends!

Weekly Gratitude time, where I list all the things I am thankful for this week.  It seems like this past week just flew by, the summer is halfway gone!  As ever, I have so much in my life I am fortunate for.

*I am so grateful for an awesome boss

*Thank you for the chance to be employed

*I'm grateful for a Boyfriend whose family treats me as there own.

*Thank you for an "Aida," cast that goes out for a late snack/dinner/drinks after rehearsal on Sundays. The time laughing, talking, bonding, and helping immerse Boyfriend in this world is awesome.

*I'm grateful for a Faith that sees me through dark days.

*Thank you for a few normal-temperature-summer-in-New-England days instead of last week's 100 degrees. My campers felt much better.

*Thank you for a little brother who isn't too cool to say "Love you too," randomly.

*Thank you for my pseudo-siblings who understand me strangely well.

*Thank you for raspberries. I'm dead serious. Those babies rock.

*I'm grateful for my doggies. They're one of my favorite comforts.

*I'm grateful for more nights away from Night Terrors and less haggard mornings.

*Thank you, Lord, for letting my family see their 3 yr anniversary from abuse. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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