Monday, August 27, 2012

And Then She Disappears Again.

So sorry, dear friends.  I pulled one of my famous disappearing tricks: here today, gone tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the next day. . .  Ahem.  Well, my last post told you about the sad news that was my computers crack.  Obviously I had to wait a bit to get that taken care of . . . then there was work.  And the fact that the show opened - and has now closed (let's not talk about it.  I'm still in a state of mourning).  It has been a very busy few weeks, and as I prepare for school to start again (Aaaaahhhhh!! Next Monday!) and all that entails, I'd like to resume my attempted daily blogging.  I know, I know!  Kind of a fail!  But thats ok, I've got like seven days to redeem myself right?  No? Well, ok then.  Would you like to know what I'm gonna write about this week?  Yes of course you would!

And I'm nothing if not obliging!

* A post dedicated to images - backstage and onstage - of Aida.

* A post about the journey that was the Aida shows, and the amazingbeautifulstupendous people I met through it.  And now miss terribly.

*My feelings about senior year.  And how awesome it's going to be.  And how scared shitless I am.  All at the same time.  EEEEeeeeee!!!

*Highlights of the summer

*A recap of my summer health activities and their success rate (not too shabby!  though of course not the very absolute perfect best I could have done and somehow always fall short of. . .)

*My goals for the new semester (Goal number one: Surviving move in.  Goal number two: figure out how I ended up signed up for two different classes at the same time.  Goal number three: not have a mental breakdown achieving goals one and two).

*A post of inspiration: quotes, images, ideas, etc. that have lit up my summer and/or that I intend to draw from for the fall.

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

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