Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Trying Something New, Again.

Here goes nothing, everybody. Or, maybe more accurately "here goes nothing (my wonderful) mom and (darling) christy."

The point is "here goes." Meaning, I'm going to try something new. This blog itself is new for me: but I believe in new. I believe in trying things, and experimenting. I believe in challenging yourself and not being satisfied with the status quo.

Not that I dislike "the old." I'm a Catholic, for pete's sake! Talk about tradition out the whazoo. And I love making Grandpa's Easter Rings every spring. But you know, those traditions were fresh hundreds of years ago and that recipe was new once. Someone had to make it up, do it differently, experiment. Thats what this whole blogging thing is for me: an experiment.

Which reminds me: I'm off track. This was supposed to be a quick post about me tweaking the blog, not a rumination on change. You wonder why I blog? See above. No matter how patient my friends and family are, I take "talks to much," to an extreme no one can handle alone!

Anyway, what is this "tweaking," I intend to do to "Say What You Mean To Say,"? I'm going to try Bloggers new - ha! the old one is new to me! - editor. Supposedly, it will allow me to manipulate pictures better, have more control over the look of my blog, etc. Here's hoping!

I figured why not try it out now - even for folks who believe in love at first sight, I doubt there've been enough sightings for anyone to be in love with this blog!

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