Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So It's After 1:30 Am. . .

. . . And I'm still up. It's not that this is so terribly strange. I mean, even at school when I had morning classes, I'd often be up to this time or a little bit longer. The difference is, since surgery, I haven't been able to sleep almost at all. Ever.

I figure why not capitalize on these extra hours? Get some quality blogging time in, for instance. The only downside? My brain doesn't seem to be quite functioning well enough for a coherent post. So instead, dear reader, I offer you a jumble of thoughts.

I cannot stand the daughter, Carmen, on the George Lopez Show. Can. Not. Stand.

I hate being hungry late at night: it's such a test of willpower.

Absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder, but it does make it stronger.

Jack went to a wedding and had Turducken. He's obsessed, and I really want to try it.

Duck is delicious. Also, so are moose, buffalo, shark, goat & venison. I've never had bear, but I hear it' really greasy. On my hit list? Rainbow trout, rabbit, ostrich, goose, partridge.

I know the reasons why it would be bad for us (humanity) to be able to see or know our futures (collectively or as individuals). I'm just wondering if it would be so terribly bad if we could have a sort of. . rough outline? Vague idea? Impression? Of what the future will be like. Especially what it will be like if we stay on our current paths.

The Greeks had the right idea about love, about how there are too many kinds and they are too different to all be classified under one word.

I have decided I like jewelry. I'd like to begin building a big-girl collection of it. This will take awhile. . . student budget + no job + parents who can't help pay for school = jewelry being in the future. But still, it's beautiful, an investment, and can become an heirloom (if you treat it kindly and have at least a minimally discerning eye).

No idea how I am going to pay for school. No idea at all. And my tuition is due. . . soon.

Cola is disgusting, be it Coke or Pepsi. But I'm still a Coke girl, because Grandpa was. How random is that?

I guess of all the things bouncing around in my brain, the ones above are all I'm going to document tonight.

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