Monday, July 12, 2010


Or Why I Think It's Lady Gaga's Worst Video
Thats right, I said it - and it isn't because I'm homophobic, anti-Gaga, or anything else.  So before you close this window, please read what I have to say. . . these are my Reasons For Not Liking "Alejandro,"

1.) I don't find it original.  The whole time I was watching this I kept thinking "Hasn't this ground been tread?  Yes, religion is evil.  And by "religion" you mean "Christianity," and more specifically, you're going to reference Catholicism (even if, in all your worldliness, you don't mean to.  which Gaga probably did, since she's a parochial school graduate).  Yes, we're bad people. . . didn't you learn anything from Madonna?"  And then I thought "I'm shocked, you're wearing almost no clothing.  And do you mean to tell me that homosexuals all wear high heels?  And that whenever there is a bad guy, they should probably look straight from the USSSR?"  I mean, common now, Gaga.  You're creative - why did you choose to make a video that was more a homage to cliches than an expression of your ideas or a tribute to those you supposedly are advocating for?

2.)  About that religion thing.  First of all, I find no shock value in attacking religion. . . darling, it's right there in the blueprint.  Must be blasphemous.  Must wear leather.  Must stick out tongue and scrunch up nose at camera, like you're angrily licking it.  Must wear little clothing. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Second of all, who actually attacks "religion" anyway?  When was the last time someone swallowed a Star of David, or burned a Mosque, or committed acts considered unholy by Buddhists while dressed in the distinctive orange robes of a Buddhist monk?  And what was the most recent nod to Hinduism, other than scantily clad women surrounded by lotuses, belly dancing with a Bindi - or maybe a Tikka - on their foreheads?

PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG.  I in no way advocate making a mockery of other's religions and belief systems.  I have no desire to see Mosques burning or the Star of David become part of a wholesome diet. . . but I question the authenticity of a statement about the way "religion" represses that fails to represent any religion but one.  And p.s. - not all Christians, christian preachers, christian ministers, or christian-anything-else are Catholic.  I realize that particular denomination has the most symbols to attack, and a rich history of art and tradition, but do you realize that when you are only attacking nuns, cardinals, rosaries/rosary beads, most images of the the Virgin Mary, and many of the iconic cathedrals, you are attacking one denomination with in a single religion.

Not exactly far reaching artistic vision.

And where is your courage?  Your daring to push back against groups others have ignored, in favor of going for the stereotypical kill?

3.) Now, here is what really gets me.  Supposedly, "Alejandro," is Lady Gaga's tribute to the gay community.  My question is, how in the world did this help or support the gay community, aside from drawing media attention (always important for any cause).  Was it the part where you represented gay men as high-heel-and-fishnet-wearing-kink-junkies?  Or the part where you had homosexuals tear the clothes off of, grope, and ultimately (apparently) rape a woman (which makes so much sense if they're gay.  You know, the folks who don't like to have any relations with those of the opposite sex?).  Oh and it wasn't just any woman, it was a woman who appeared to represent christians organized religion.  Thats definitely going to help the cause - hey look, we want to rape religion!  Because that's not what all the people who are anti-homosexuality are afraid of or anything.  Nice.  I was saddened to see, once again, homosexuals portrayed in one light and one light only - sexbeasts with no morals, feelings, or clothing.  My personal beliefs about homosexuality and homosexuals doesn't matter - what matters is this person was supposed to be an advocate, and instead furthered every possible negative stereotype.  Last time I checked, Martin Luther King Jr. did not show images of lazy black people or spit watermelon seeds while delivering his soaring oratories.

Do you know what would really have shocked me?  A music video that showed the many facets of homosexual life.  Or any facet other than the gay-men-raping-women-facet. Personally, I think a way to REALLY make a statement (and again, my opinions on these things don't matter, it's all about the perspective she supposedly is coming from) how about a music video that showed members of the gay community as productive citizens, and practicing various religions.  Something powerful, artistically shot, moving, with heart - maybe feature gay individuals and homosexual partners going through their actual day to day activities, or engaged in their real prayer/meditation/etc.

You could even do the stereotypical thing and have it all happen with duct tape over their mouths - and it would still be more original, moving, and informative.

But I guess that would mean you couldn't put rifles on a bra and dance in it, huh?

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