Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And Here's What He Told Me

Some of Uncle Psycho's advice/ruminations/words of wisdom directed at me.

Gatorade is absolutely awful stuff for you, and should never be ingested unless absolutely necessary. . . a state that far fewer people reach that they think.  I had a pass to continue drinking my Gatorade, as I was pretty badly dehydrated and ill.

While in NYC pursuing (hopefully) my B.A. I should set aside plenty of time not in classes - what I should be doing is snapping myself up a smart young stockbroker.  I'm plenty good looking enough, and I could probably get a handsome one too!

If that plan doesn't work - and it has already been shelved, as I have a boyfriend and it would be improper to try and "catch" a stockbroker while romantically involved - I should become a doctor.  Brains like mine, why waist them on anything less?  I was deeply flattered by my characterization by this man I had just met as being both incredibly intelligent and stunningly attractive.  I think perhaps a touch less vodka would've made his assessments a bit more. . . realistic? logical? accurate?

If a truck driver comes across a horse in M.A. he must stop his truck- and if the horse remains skitish, he must kill the engine until the horse becomes calm.  Interesting tidbit, no?

My sister's brand new car - a Ford Escape! - was an excellent deal.

Accents are confusing things.

In Canada, you must compete eleven grades, not 12, to graduate high school.

Apparently "Duckie" is a suitable name for my Aunt Diane.  I think I'll stick with some variation on the Diane theme for awhile. . .

Most ladies that called themselves dancers and were clearly drinkers were terrible, poorly paid ladies of ill repute.  My plan of not drinking is solid.

There were lots of other gems, but I think you may just have the picture.

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