Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I couldn't come up with anything more clever to call this post.  And thats really how I've felt, happy, for virtually the entire week.  I've seen family, gotten exciting news, become sure I can go back to school this fall, and had a great weekend.  Of course, being me, I've also been semi-holding my breath, waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. . .

                                                                                                . . . 'cause for those of you who know me, let's face it.  The other shoe does indeed usually drop! but for now, here are the good things to share!  All the good things from the past week or so  - I'm so grateful for everything.

❇ I got to see my Aunt A, my cousin, my Uncle T, and my Nana!  Sister drove me, the Kid and Boyfriend all the way to Mass!  It was her first time driving from ME, through NH, and all the way to MA!  Her face looked kinda like this when we got there:
 Obviously, with mmmmuuuccccccchhhhh more hair!

❇While we were there, (after Aunt A decided she probably could stop being married, as she learned how to handle the propane on the grill all by herself) we had burgers, and chicken burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, rice pilaf, cheesecake, cookies, macaroons (with cranberries) and italian ice.  How could I not be happy?!?

❇One magical, beautiful, perfect word.  Trampoline.  Trampoline trampoline trampoline trrraaaaammmpppoooollliiiinnnnnnnee!  I thought a trampoline couldn't be any better than this spring (the first time I'd ever  played on one) with my cousin.  I was wrong.  Bouncing around in the summer sun, with family all around me and Boyfriend being a ham (yes it happens. . . and it's hysterical) was the best feeling.  I wish everyone that just-missed-a-step-tummy, the sun on their limbs, the sound of laughter and giddy squeals making the air electric with joy.  I think my favorite part was "Dancing" on the trampoline. . .

❇ Aunt A and Uncle T had tickets for Bon Jovi's concert at Gillette Stadium/Patriots Place which they weren't going to use.  Aunt A offered them to us: Sister had to work, the Kid had made commitments to the Church, and Mum had to stay with the Kid.  Boyfriend and I were free, which meant we were going to see Bon Jovi: the Circle Tour.

"You didn't pay me to tell bad jokes, you paid me to sing and shake my butt!"

❇Me and Boyfriend had two extra tickets, and decided to invite a friend of his (who I'd met once) and said friend's girlfriend.  It was a great time, with excellent conversation and laughter all the way down (and an emergency pit stop. . . I almost didn't make it!).  I don't think I'll refer to them as Boyfriend's friends anymore ; ) Plus, the concert was great and the only unhappy part of the day was that it had to end.

I CAN OFFICIALLY AFFORD SCHOOL THIS WHOLE YEAR!  Did I scream that loud enough to make the stars explode?  'Cause that was the intent.  Mum was approved for a loan for the remainder of my bill. . . which is good news for me and not great news for her.  But it's the only loan in her name, and if things go according to plan, it should be the only one. . . 

❇I'm going to Trinidad for Carnival for a few days of Spring Break.  I'm so excited!  A perfect storm lined up, with the rest of my tuition being covered this year (Thank you Lord and Mum, in that order), some ingenuity pulling together a few odd jobs this summer and through the school year, and payments for the troupe, tickets, and passport being stacked.

❇I started a new job today!  I can keep it year round and work from my laptop!  Yeah!

More details on things to come!  Sorry it has been so long since I posted anything. . . I promise to be right back on track as of right now, so expect another post this week.

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