Sunday, August 1, 2010


So (at least according to the description under the title) I'm supposed to be using this blog to chronicle my attempts to take my small-town-self and achieve big-time dreams.  What are those big-time dreams?  Well, I'm sure you probably already know, dear friends and family who loyally read, but just in case you'd like to see them again, here they are!

1.) I want to earn an Associate's Degree, a Bachelor's Degree, and a Doctorate.

(Ideally I won't die of brainmelt before that happens. . . or literally drown in debt)

2.) I want to dance professionally, with a company.

(This is Linda. She dances with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.  She is rather perfect & gorgeous.  When I grow up I want to be like her.)

3.) I'd like to perform on Broadway and/or National Tour.

('nuff said.)

4.) I want to have some of my work published.

(Books!  Poems! Short Stories! Essays! Happiness!)

5.) I want to see the world - travel, explore, experience!

6.) Camelot.  "Camelot," is my nickname/code name for my long-term dream.  The short version is this: I want to earn my Doctorate of Physical Therapy as well as dance professionally. . . so that eventually I can open the facility I have deemed Camelot, a place where dance in as many of its forms as possible (true classical ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop, tap, ballroom) as well as having a partnership with a professional gymnastics academy, a gym, and a martial arts dojo (studio).  As many classes as possible would be offered in one location: all the schools individually would be considered one academy, like the multiple colleges within a single university.  All of them would work together to create cohesive syllabuses under the supervision of physical therapists (who would be on staff).  There are lots more details about Camelot I've worked out in my head, but it truly requires its own post to describe!

7.)  Family.  This something way off in the future, and while it is less. . . outlandish, I suppose, than the other dreams I have, it is just  as close to my heart and will take at least as much work.  I hope for a large, happy family. . . six kids sounds about right to me!

(I know this is a photoshopped and staged picture.  I know that "having a baby" and "being a mother" are wildly different things.  And raising a family is not white and shiny and clean and serene all the time.  But no matter how many children I have and how busy life gets, I want this moment.  This feeling, this love, this serenity and sureness and these tiny bubbles of joy that make the mess and craziness and heartache so completely worth it,)

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