Sunday, August 15, 2010

It has been two weeks since I blogged.  I have no idea how I let things get so out of hand!  But I'm back now, and I intend to be more pulled together in the future.

For now, a run-down of my last two weeks.

* I've begun teaching martial arts again.  Twice a week to a small group of pre/early teen boys.  This is kind of a big deal, as a year ago I was convinced I'd never ever set foot in a dojo again.  More on that in another post.

* I gave myself a mild concussion.  By falling over - totally sober - in a bathroom and banging my head on the corner of a metal toilet paper dispenser.  How did I manage that one?  I was at a pool, the floor was wet, I was trying to wiggle out of my swimshorts and into a pair of pants. . . the rest is history (history that I don't clearly remember, to be honest)

* I remembered how much I love children.  Teaching them, playing with them, chasing after them, hugging them. . . interacting with kids is one of the things I've missed this year, one of the only holes in my freshmen experience.

* I found out that my friend was able to secure the costume that I really, really, REALLY wanted to wear for Carnival.  Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.  Where I am going to be for Spring Break.  Spring Break 2011, which is this coming year, and which I will be spending in Trinidad & Tobago.

I'm effing PUMPED.  And the costume is so beautiful!  It will need it's own post to describe and fawn over . . .

* Today is my 1st Anniversary.  And Boyfriend has done a pretty solid job!  Delicious lunch out, lots of happiness over my gift (fake or otherwise, he pulled it off well!), wandering around Border's, a stack of books, Coldstone's, and later we're watching the movie we went to see in theater's on our "first" date.

*I've engaged in lots and lots of arguing over my school bill. . . well, I've engaged in lots and lots of being ignored while arguing about my school bill.  I'm trying to make them understand that I'm not paying for their health insurance, since I have my own.  Just like I had last year.  Thus, I also do not owe them a late fee on a bill that is not in fact mine, for services not yet rendered and entirely unnecessary.

* I've begun my new job, the one mentioned in the post "Happiness."  While the work itself is enjoyable and my employers are incredible people, it has been a frustrating experience at times.  There truly is a technology gap between generations!  Having to ease them into the idea of a flashdrive and teach them not to call Facebook "Facepage" has been quite the job!

* I've thought lots and lots about blogging, and not quite gotten to it!

I apologize for how boring this post is and promise far more entertaining ones to follow soon. . . mayeb even tonight.

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