Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Know.

I should be blogging more.  If I don't, than I am not holding up my end up the bargain.  To myself or to you lovely people who are crazy enough to follow me.  So here you go - an update on my life!

I am moving back to school in five days.  I am excited.  Here is one good reason why:

Clark House aka my home for the next 9 months.

Isn't it beautiful?  Hardly a typical dorm!  Yay for upper classmen who get you into good housing.  It's so lovely on the inside, too.  Wait until I do a moving-in-post!

Then there is the part where I'll be dancing everyday.  And be back in classes.  Learning.  With books and notes and debates.  (i know i know i'm a geek.  it's ok.)

And my friends.  They're so awesome.

And my wonderful, busy jobs. . . that pay.  Unlike my current fist-fight of an arrangement!

And being mommy.  I don't quite know how I end up filling this role, but I always do.  And weirdly, I missed it this summer.  Can't wait to hug my "Deanie Babies."


In other news:  I bought a new camera, after destroying my old one.  It takes great pictures.  And thanks to squirreling away a Gift Cheque from Auntie J, it only cost me $60 dollars out of pocket.  Yay!

Boyfriend started college.  He's loving it.  I'm loving that.

People keep joining the dang military on me.  Proud of and love you all . . . now you better come home.

Weddings!  I know three engaged couples. . . my head is spinning.  Can't we all just stay babies?

Mom started college.  wha-?  GO MOMMY!

I have to go to bed before I pass out.  

Love to everyone reading!

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