Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wait, You Want Me To Live Here?

My original plan was to write this blog post as soon as I arrived on campus.  As in the very same night. As in I thought I could get my butt out the dang door on time, and then not hit major labor day traffic on the way, and simply proceed straight to my room with my things, only pausing to hug my wonderful CA.  And then when I got to my room, clearly I figured I would have exactly the same storage space as last year, with hopefully a real closet (unlike last year, when I had a "half-closet" which was also the support beam for the house.  I had 18 in. of closet.  Seriously).  Yeah. Right.

So as I'm sure you've now figured out, none of those beautiful things happened.  BUT.  But but but but I was only five minutes late.  And while the drawers are beautiful looking, they're evilly deceptively cruelly surprisingly small on the inside, the closet is huge.  I can walk into it.  It isn't a true walk-in closet, but I literally do not have enough dresses and nice blouses to fill it with.  All my sweaters, plus my reusable shopping bags, plus my exercise/thera bands fit on the wall mounted hooks.  Wow!  I am so lucky.

But what about the room?  You ask.  But what does it look like?  You wonder.  Can the house truly be as nice as it appeared last year?  You question.

Dear readers, no.  It is not as nice as it looks.  It is about four hundred times nicer.  My room is almost triple the size of my old dorm, and the walls are sunshine yellow.  There is a sealed up fireplace in my room, which means I have a mantel piece.  To go with my shiny brown hardwood floors, and ceiling fan, and ginormous windows.  Three of them, bigger than any windows I ever imagined a dorm could have.  They're gorgeous.  Have I used that word yet?!?! Gorgeous.  Gorgeous.  Gorgeous.

And my roommate is great!  We lived in the same house last year (which was also amazing, and not at all a building I should've even been aloud in as a freshmen!)  but we weren't really friends.  Circumstance through us together, and so far we're getting along great.  I hope it continues!

My next blog post will be all sorts of pictures!

Love you all, thank you for reading.  Please leave a comment!

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