Thursday, December 30, 2010

1 House, 20 Years, 90 Days, How Many Boxes?

This is my math problem.  1 house x 20 years + 90 days = ????? boxes.  How many boxes will I need?  Will we need?  Because we're moving.  Thats right, folks!  Packing up and shipping out.  It's a by product of my parents divorce - although my mother (and assorted relatives) paid the mortgage for most of their marriage, my father's name is on the deed.  First, the courts said we had to sell - so the house and adjoining building have been on the market for a year.  Now that the divorce is final and the property is unsold, my father was granted the option of "buying out" my mother.  For 2k.

A house and fully functioning facility, on four acres of land.  For 2k.  He has eighteen months to come up with the next 38k.  I'm sincerely praying that he does in fact come up with that money. . . but for now thats all it is - a distant and bare hope.  He hasn't even come up with less than $70 a week in child support on a regular basis. . .

Anyway, we have 90 days to vacate the premise, and 2k to find someplace new with, which will be a challenge with our two large (and much beloved) doggies.  But we'll do it.  Faith, determination, this is how the world goes 'round.


Right now I'm sorting through 20 years of clothes, toys, nick knacks, craft supplies, memories, and some-day-i-swear-i'll-get-to-its.  In case you were wondering, this house is the house I've lived in my whole life - think anti-military brat.  I'm midway through my Sophomore year of college, though, so I do realize that most of my truly essential things are either with me at school or in the two suitcases I'm living out of this break.  And the very MOST important things I need will go with me without boxes.

Take my house.

Take the fridge, the freezer, the washer, the tv, the table and chairs.

Take the yard and the swing set.

Take the winding road I know as "home."

But you CANNOT take my Faith - that goes through the door with me.  

I can give away the nick knacks but I keep the memories - good and bad.

My things may be packed in boxes, but my friends still stand by my side.

This is life, and I'm not afraid.


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