Monday, December 27, 2010

Also, My Boyfriend Is an Awesome Gift-Giver.

I am not kidding.  Or exaggerating.  Or even being biased because he's, you know, my boyfriend.  Don't believe me?  Lemme tell you what he got me for Christmas.  I wish I could find a picture of my:

White gold necklace, with a key shaped pendant (I am not much of a trends person.  However, I love love love key shaped pendants.  I desperately wanted one before they stopped being chic and were impossible to find).  The key shaped pendant is also white gold, and the top of it is shaped like a delicate heart.  The sides have scroll work on them.  Oh, and the entire thing is encrusted with diamonds.  Even the teeth are diamond studded.  It's also small and fine - I am sort of a smallish person, and I think bigger pieces look kind of overwhelming on me.  I like delicate, small, light. . . I think it's more elegant and feminine.

Like my Christmas present.


  1. Jack-you're the man....good call! Leilani- You could wear garlic (which I don't recommend) around your neck and you'd still be beautiful! BUT I know what you're saying about big jewelry! Love you!

  2. Sounds Beautiful Leilani! Congrats! (Aunt Julie)

  3. Raechel - thanks! And no worries, I won't be ringing myself in garlis anytime soon!

    Aunt Julie - thanks! Miss you, we're going to have to make some time to get together soon! I'll bring fudge :)