Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Christmas Thus Far.

The title really does say it all this time.  My Christmas this year was amazing.  Why, you ask?  Why was this year so magnificent?  Well, for the most part it was stress-free (I wish I could say it was just stress free.  But come on now, let's be serious.  This is my life we're talking about, and I'm like a stress magnet!).  My family is awesome and eccentric.  Everything on my wish-list was taken care of, even things I didn't know I should wish for.  Boyfriend's family are wonderful, all of them.  The food was delicious.  I don't think I've ever done a better job selecting Christmas presents - which was an amazing feeling, to see people's faces truly light up as they unwrapped their packages.  Which I had color coordinated. . . another reason this Christmas was fantastic.  I did miss the Christmas Eve Mass at my Church, which hurt a bit. . . but I read through Scripture and listened to Christmas Hymns and it all truly spoke to me this year.  I've never fallen asleep so at peace. . .

We started Christmas Morning at Boyfriend's mom's house.  His baby brother (20 mos.) had been up all night throwing up - there was even a 2 am ER visit.  So the morning started a little sleepy, a little subdued, a little hesitant.  The baby cuddled up on the couch with me, seeking comfort in his favorite blanky and from his daddy's constant reassurances.  Things warmed up quickly though as he discovered the wooden toy cars in his stocking!  I was pleased with the gift cards in Boyfriends stocking (no, we're not too old for stockings!  We will forever be our mama's babies!  Now please don't judge.) because his mom explained Santa was thinking we could go on some dates with them over winter break (thanks Santa!).  I was excited to give everyone their presents - new earrings and a J shaped earring holder that matches her bedroom for the little sister, a xylophone for the baby, fudge for Nanny Sandy, and a firepit for Boyfriend's mom and stepdad.  The baby finally got the hang of opening presents, and it was adorable!  The little sister was so sweet, eagerly trying out each new item and handing out presents.  Boyfriend got several VERY exciting things, such as a new TV and a Blu-Ray player (did I spell that right?)!

And I got very spoiled.  My "big gift" was a Nook- the Barnes & Noble eReader.  I was SO excited - I know some people are very opposed to them and worry they will put printed books out to pasture, in another post I will explain why I don't think they will and why I am so excited.  I also got several "little gifts" like pajamas and giftcards.

The next stop was Boyfriend's dad's house.  As soon as we got to the door, Petey was jumping up and down and wiggling his little stub tail.  Then we were taking off coats and boots, balancing packages, hugging, kissing, calling out greetings, and tripping over Petey.  It was a perfect "Hello."  We handed out our packages - some handmade goodies I had been up for hours making the day before.  They'd been carefully wrapped in tissue paper and placed into boxes I spent forever selecting (sorry Mum!).  I was pleased to find out Boyfriend's dad's present was his very favorite!  Peanut Butter Fudge!  Little brother was also really happy with his cookies, stuffing as many into his mouth as he could before turning around to show his mother.  I was surprised when I was handed a bag with my name on it - I love this side of Boyfriend's family, and have spent time with them.  Just not as much as I have with the other half of his familia, and I was surprised (and touched) they had taken the time to include me so fully.  A beautiful new zip up sweater (warm and fluffy and rich blue) and a little bottle of fantastic perfume were all mine :)

After some yummy Brie and french bread, stuffed mushrooms, and Dasani rasberry water (purchased just for me, because I avoid drinks with carbonation and Boyfriend's father sweetly remembered). There was lots of good conversation and laughing. . . and I still can't believe how tall Boyfriend's little sister got!  She is the same age as my brother, and SO much taller than me!  She looks like she is seventeen, and she most certainly is not!  The boys are in big trouble . . .

From there we went to my Mom's house.  I was literally bouncing in my seat with anticipation, ready to hug my mother and kiss the birthday boy and give everyone their gifts!  Mom's house didn't disappoint.  No one was allowed to unwrap a thing until I arrived, and the whole house was a dreamy mixture of crackling-fire-smell, lasagna baking smell, and pine tree smell.  Mom, the Kid, Sister, A (my older brother) Boyfriend, and Sister's Boyfriend all arranged themselves around the room as we tore into presents.  I got a fantastic pair of gray ankle boots (I've been DYING for these for AGES.  Thanks so much mumma!) and the means to buy my bikini for Trinidad, cute clothes, a Sing-a-ma-jig, loads of wonderful gift cards, supplies for spring break like extra strength sunblock, chocolate, a hair straightener, and other assorted marvelous and thoughtful presents.

 Did I mention my family rocks?  After Christmas was officially over, we switched to birthday mode - thats right, someone in my family has a Christmas birthday.  It's one of the things that makes my family awesome - and why there was lasagna cooking on Christmas!  Lasagna, key-lime cheescake, aritchoke dip, egg nog, and singing accompanied the birthday meal.  I was so pleased with what Boyfriend and I had found for the Kid, both for Christmas and his birthday  - his favorite Wii game for the former, and for the latter a bunch of new baseballs and some good batting gloves (Obviously Boyfriend's selection).  

Can you imagine a more perfect day?  I can't. . . and I can't wait for dozens more Christmases like it in years to come.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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