Sunday, December 19, 2010


This might be my favorite part of the holidays:
Christmas Presents!
I love everything about christmas presents.  I love taking the time to figure out what people really want or need, or something unique that might surprise them.  I spend all 12 months of the year on my Christmas List, trying to come up with ideas and wants that people don't expect.  And I'm not much of a shopper: a combination of having very little money for a very large part of my life, a natural thrifty streak, and a certain lack of patience with almost anything most girls adore (seriously, I'm awful.) combine to make me . . . an anti-shopaholic?  No, that sounds like I'm personally against shopaholics.  How about a non-shopaholic.  Well, it's closer at least.

But all of that changes around the holidays.  Suddenly, I can't WAIT to load into the car with lists and ideas and head to the mall, the bookstore, the toy store, Target and Best Buy and a hundred places more. 

And then what do you do with all that carefully selected loot?  You have to WRAP it of course, which I love to do!  Pick the prettiest paper and the biggest bows or the shiniest ribbon and go to town!  

I even love coming downstairs from my room, my arms loaded with gifts to nestle under the tree.

I would seriously be totally happy with a Christmas where I got not a thing, but could afford to buy or make EVERYONE I love beautiful gifts.

Thats the only part that is hard for me:  I can't always afford to do everything I'd like for all the people I love.  This year's list includes Mum, Sister, the Kid (my little brother), A (my older brother), Boyfriend, Auntie, Boyfriend's family, Nieces (nobody panic.  None of my siblings had babies, just two friends of me and Boyfriend!) and if I get my way, a few of my friends.  I wish I could include everyone, or at least get the people I do have on my list what I know they'd REALLY love. . .

Here's hoping!  I'll let you know what I come up with after prying eyes have opened their gifts!

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