Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Really Excited To Make Breakfast.

No, seriously, guys.  I'm really excited.  I'm getting up tomorrow to make breakfast tomorrow for me and mom, and while the kitchen still needs cleaning up from dinnertime my tummy rumbles just thinking about it.  My plan - in it's simplest form - is to make omelettes and toast.  Western omelettes, with montery jack cheese, mushrooms, and peppers.  Whole wheat toast with butter and homemade raspberry jam.  And we'll have orange juice too!

Then it's off to run errands, pack for the weekend, pack for school. . . lots to do, and I'm already hoping I'll have enough time.  Tonight while I'm sleeping, my camera battery will be recharging so I can take pictures of the winter wonderland I live in, to share with you lovely folks!

'Till next time. . .

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