Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

A lovely lady by the name of Tatiana came up with the idea of Weekly Gratitude: where bloggers could join her at the end of every week in writing out the things that they were grateful for that week.  I think this is an absolutely swell idea - especially the part where everyone who participates gets to put a little icon on their blog announcing it.  It holds us all accountable to each other - accountable for our own  happiness and thankfulness.  Reminded that our attitudes are our own. . . so I'm going to add the icon and get crackin' on the bloggin'.

Without further ado, here is my first Weekly Gratitude:

1.) The luxury of a nice long winter break, which will be ending in just a few hours.

2.) The luxury of higher education. . . people who do not go to college do not get winter breaks at 20.

3.) That I am able to afford said higher education through a complex system of need based financial aid, academic scholarships, performance scholarships, federal loans, and my mom's help.

4.) The last two days with my family.  Yesterday was me, Sister, and A (my older brother) along with our partners.  We went to dinner and stayed out until the restaurant closed around us.  Laughing, eating, joking telling stories, and finally hugs goodbye in a light snow.  Then today was me, the Kid, Mum, and Boyfriend.  The Kid and I went to church, and then we all went out and ran errands - I know, not exactly an action packed last day home.  But it's amazing how a mundane task with extraordinary people becomes a pleasure.  Then we went out to a sort of late lunch/early dinner.  The food was really good, our waitress was cheerful, I tried a frightening Bubble-Tea-inspired drink, and again we laughed until we cried.

5.) The first dinner?  Last night?  That was paid for by gift cards we received for Christmas.

6.) The Patriots game.  Yes, I realize we lost.  That our bitter rivals the Jets will be continuing in the playoffs.  However - I am a rabid sports fan and you know what?  I am really lucky to be rooting for a football team that has been in the playoffs/making records/kicking ass for 10 years or so.  That's half my lifetime, man.

7.) Boyfriend.

8.) Mum, the Kid, Sister, and A.

9.) The life I'm returning to at school.

10.) Each of you wonderful people who read and support my blog.  Especially you who follow!!!!

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