Monday, February 14, 2011

Two Days In A Row.

Most people get Valentine's Day as their chance to be cheesy/romantic/have PDAs without being judged.  I'm a lucky girl because I don't get one day to celebrate love: I get two in a row.  Today is the accepted day of love in the Western Hemisphere:  tomorrow, however, is our own special day.  Last year it marked six months together.  This year, it will be 18.  I know these are relatively small moments, insignificant amounts of time, when compared to what I call great loves: then years of courtship.  Married fifty years.  Raised three children.  Lived on four continents.  Etc, etc, etc. . . however, I believe fortunes are amassed penny by penny.  I believe in a "forever" that is built moment by moment. . . therefore I can't help but feel pleasure in marking these little passings of time.

Of course, I don't get to "celebrate" either of these things today/tomorrow because I'm away at school and Boyfriend is home: but soon enough we're having our OWN Valentine's day, and we'll mark these holidays of the heart in our own quiet way. . . which is sort of how I like things.  My life is big enough, loud enough, messy enough, complicated enough, razzle dazzle and intrigue filled enough, for a hundred novels and at least a musical or two.  I like a quiet, simple, steady love. . . and I get to celebrate mine soon.

So grateful.

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  1. beautiful. i hope you had a wonderful celebration on both days!