Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Have you ever heard the mantra opposites attract?  Of course you have, what a silly question. . . anyway, the reason I bring it up is because of this image that appeared on my tumblr dashboard:
I wanted to reblog it (share it with other people) when I smiled to myself.  I have my tumblr linked to my Facebook account, so when something appears on there it appears on my profile.  This would mean Boyfriend would see it. . . and Boyfriend isn't particularly fond of hippies.  If you know me, you'll find this fairly amusing.  While I don't smoke weed and I do shave my armpits, I am in many ways a hippie.  My hair hangs most of the way down my back, as it has nearly all my life: I am barefoot from the second I get home in early May until the very minute I get in the car to come back to school in early September. I don't really believe in synthetic drugs: I do believe in growing as many of your own veggies as you can.  I listen to the Beatles.  I make jewlery out of hemp, wear anklets, and have an interest in all things holistic.

I remember being in Boyfriend's car the first summer we were together.  The windows were open, it was sunny out, and I was barefoot, my hair blowing all around me (and consequently, the car. oops) I had my hemp bracelet and my anklet and my favorite big earrings, my tank top and my old jeans on.  He looked at me for a second and then sort of shook his head.  I grinned at him, knowing exactly what he was thinking: "How in the hell did I end up with a hippie girlfriend?"  I called him on it and he nodded, smiling.  He informed me I am an "acceptable," hippie (whatever that means?) and that was why it worked. He even likes my hippie friends, which is cool - I guess they're acceptable too (i'm teasing. sort of.)

Boyfriend is pretty much as non-hippie as you can possibly get.  Really.  He's more all-american, apple pie, church on Sunday sort. . . blended liberally with metal listening, Vans wearing, multi-instrument playing, scruffy face guy.

So how on earth do things "work"?  Usually I think it's because of those very differences, we get along.  On the big things in life, we agree.  We share the same Faith, we both want a family, we believe that relationships take work, etc.  But on so many other things, we're different.  I'm the sort or person who sort of just goes where the wind blows: I could easily pack my bags and head out of town, never knowing when I'd be back again.  I'm a vicious multitasker, I talk too much and I feel too much and I go to fast and I worry, worry, worry.  He gives me an anchor as I drift: he reminds me to eat, sleep, breath.  Slow down.  I never watch TV unless I'm home with him: then I invariably fall asleep while watching and sleep for hours and hours and hours and hours. . .

I drag him out of the house.  And into conversation.  And on adventures.

Me & Boyfriend aren't the only example of different working in my relationships.  My best friend has several tattoos, belly dances, and loves sushi.  I will never ink my body, am a total bunhead, and loathe raw fish.  See?  Different is good.


  1. This cracks me up. I remember sitting at the island in Newfield, listening to him talk about this gorgeous girl and how badly he liked her. :) He would list why it couldn't work.... I always said why it could... glad to see it is :)

  2. I'm glad it's worked too - although i'm not gonna lie, it took me a second to correlate "gorgeous girl" with me!