Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Made Another Blog.

I know.  I know I know I know I know!  I hardly have time to squeeze writing and sharing and posting good stuff on this blog (which I love so much).  Why would I ever go out and make another one?!?!?  Well, this other one is something I've been thinking about doing in some form or other for a long time now.  It's called I Want You To Know and it has a totally different theme and feel than A Space For Inspiration does.  You know how one of the goals I hold closest is the idea of starting a family/being a mom?  Well, this blog is about that.

Now before you panic, I am not pregnant.  I have no intentions of abandoning my collegiate career, my performance career, my grad school career, my wild and carefree youth (ok so it's a pretty tame and detail oriented youth, but you get the idea) or any of the rest of that sort of thing.  Marriage, kids, all that is a long time away for me still. . . which got me thinking.  I'm pretty young and I'm still learning new things everyday.  If I learn one new and valuable thing everyday for 365 days, and I'm ten years away from having kids, thats. . . well a lot more things than I can count right now.  So thats what this new blog is for.  To write down the things I learn that are important (or at least that I think are important right now).  To share images and thoughts and ideas and realizations and lessons that inspire me or help me grow as a person that I think might do the same for my (future) kids.

I couldn't do a journal or letters.  I'd loose them and my handwriting sucks.  So instead I am infringing on the blogosphere, taking up more than my fair share of space.  If you might be interested in what I have to say, or have advice to share, or just want to laugh at my mumbled musings, please check out I Want You To Know.

Thanks and love (can you tell I'm a wee bit embarrassed by myself?).

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