Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Certain Rhythm

I've been done with school for about two weeks now.  Unfortunately, I didn't walk into a summer job.  Most of my teenage years I was "employed," in the family business - I also did a few summers at a local farm.  I enjoyed that work quite a lot, actually: it felt good, productive, better than waitressing or fast food or being in doors all day.  However, last summer I had my major surgery (it was actually a few procedures all rolled into one) and I was on bed rest for almost two months (I was stubborn and couldn't sit still that long).  Since that took me out of the work force, I couldn't apply for a job: I had hoped by the middle of the summer I might be able to work, but that was unfortunately not the case - I was in physical therapy right up until the week I left for school, just trying to be whole enough to dance.  This combination of events is why there is no steady summer employment waiting for me when finals ended.  However, in a few weeks elementary schools end and summer camps begin, and I have some work opportunities there.  I also teach: women's fitness, self-defense, private lessons.  I don't make a lot, but I get by.  Again, though, not until June do I have the chance to really begin working.

I was relatively pleased, however, to look back at the last two weeks and see I hadn't been entirely unproductive.  My days have developed a certain rhythm.  There is working on the disaster area that is my new room: it's a combination of everything I bring to and from college, the items my mom brought with me during our forced move, and other assorted things that no one was sure what to do with when they forced moved in. . . and my room was the most available space!  It's pretty well sorted now, as I spend part of everyday cleaning, going through belongings, sorting out what stays, whats given away, and what just needs to be tossed.

Then there is cooking: I love to cook and the luxury of making most of my meals is one I will never take for granted again, living on caf food.  I've been regularly experimenting in the kitchen: rasberry glaze, fresh hummus, chocolate cake, omelettes with various veggies.  Exercise is always in the mix, my 100 morning and 100 bedtime crunches, hand weights, going to the gym for a run.  I've had time to play online: retooling my blog, chatting with friends, compiling lists of DIY projects for my new room and for the space I'll be sharing with one of my best friends next year.  Watching reruns of favorite shows and brand new movies with Boyfriend.  Playing with the dogs.  Practicing, practicing, practicing, practicing - I miss my daily dance classes fiercely.

So while I haven't been working, and it's been rainy and blah (never a good thing for motivating me!) I do feel as though I've been able to maintain some level of productivity.  What about you, bloggers/followers?  What do you do when you don't have to work?

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