Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Gratitude 5/15

This has been sort of a long week in Lelaland, hence the Weekly Gratitude being on a Sunday rather than Friday or Saturday.  However, there are some serious gratitudes to check off this week!

*I'm grateful for the sound of rain and the brook at the edge of our yard, that comes in through the window in my new room.

*I'm grateful for a window to set my bed beneath (windows by the bed are sort of an obsession of mine.)

*I'm grateful for Hershey's Drops.  Just try them and thank me, ok?

*I'm grateful for the 21st birthday present my mom got me (tickets to see one of my favorite companies ever!  hells yeah!)

*I'm grateful for that new room I mentioned.  Basic shelter is more than a tragic number of people can claim.

*I'm grateful for my friend's helping me trust my instincts in the world of femininity and dressing.  I had on a cute, trendy-but-classic outfit last night.  Complete with hair and makeup.  I never would have done that without my girls' support.

*Cooking!  I love to do it.

*Boyfriend joining me on a quest to get healthier.

*The wedding and the wedding celebrations this summer!



*The feeling of an amazing workout.

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