Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Gratitude: Maybe the Last One Ever?

There is a rumor going 'round that the world is going to end tomorrow.  If thats true, I think it's a terrible shame: it really is an amazing place, and can be so full of goodness if you look for it.  What I think is even more unfortunate is those who believe the world is absolutely over tomorrow.  For those who are running around with heads full of regret and hearts full of worry, that is no way to spend their "final hours."  I hope they learn to live and love a little, when the sun rises on Sunday (as I sort of firmly believe it will. . .)  And those who are content, self-satisfied, standing on soapboxes and leaning out windows, shouting about doomsday?  Well, I hope for their sake's if they are right and the end of the world happens they've done something more with their lives.  You know, other than thump things and stand on corners and harass (more or less) innocent bystanders.

But all in all, I'm just not too worried about the whole thing.  There are so many things in my life to be grateful for right now. . .

*My little brother.  I don't know, I just love him extra this week.

*Having only a passing encounter with the cold that seems to have devastated the immune system of pretty much everyone I know. . .

*Cast lists.  And good things on them!

*6 in' Flatbread sandwiches at Subway.  Turkey-pepper-jack-spinach-tomatoes-red-onions-olives-jalapenos-more-tomato-pickles-no-sauce-no-salt-no-pepper-thanks.

*Yummy new recipes to try (at least, I think they were yummy. . . I got so caught up in the baking I didn't do a ton of the sampling. . .oops).

*Getting a chance to help Mum set out fitness, weight loss, and other health goals.  I'm really grateful for the chance to give back by encouraging and supporting her.  She's pretty much given her life to me and my siblings and I'm glad I can help her out.  Bonus points?  Her and Boyfriend are now committed to this healthier lifestyle thing.  Mwahahaha!

*Friends who make me laugh from 100s of miles away without even knowing I'm crying.


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