Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Body.


And this:

And this, too. . .

Is what I'm working on.  Remember "The Resolutions 2011" my online list of New Year's Resolutions? Well, I've been really working on an all of them this year (yay!) and one of the things I've been really serious about is my fitness.  First of all, it feels better to be in shape.  Second, it makes me better at my job/intended job as a performer.  The stronger your legs, the higher you jump.  The better your cardio, the easier you breathe on stage.  Pretty simple stuff, right?  Third, this is a shallow industry: when you're on a stage, those lights are really harsh. . . and it can be easy to judge.  Film - of all kinds - semi-permanently freezes your appearance forever.  So it better be good.  People want to look at pretty people, and while I think cultivating the inside is more important than polishing the outside - that intelligence, kindness, patience, humor, and class are more important than abs, highlights, and pouty lips - the manicured outside is part of the job.

Something I'm really happy about is my success level.  When I left for school last fall, I weighed around 135 lbs (my heaviest weight ever), was wearing a dress size 8, and pants around a 6.  I had made headway all year, loosing a little here, firming up a little there, progress, progress, progress. . . then when I got home almost a month ago, I finally made that big "Bam" break through.  Since I've been home, I dropped a pant size (I can fit back in my size 2s!  They're not quite comfy enough to wear, but they zip and I can move around) and since last spring, I have lost several dress sizes - I went to the mall the other day, and I swimming in the size 6s I was so proud of squeezing into just a few months ago!  I know that isn't biggest-looser weight loss, but a dress size or two is a lot, especially on a petite (I'm 5'2) frame.  Overall I've been feeling pretty good about things, and I thought I'd share some of my motivational images - as well as why I've had less time online - with anyone who cared to know.

Hope all is well in your worlds, lovely people! 

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