Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Me, Alphabetized!

Oh dear, not a good question to start with.  Didn't anyone warn you, I want to do everything someday?
To be a professional dancer.  To be on Broadway.  To perform in a role made purely for me.  To be a published author, earn my DPT, and be a supporting wife & loving mother (to a truckload of children).  To see the world.  To do it all and be it all and never loose sight of the woman God wants me to be.

Bad Habit:
This should've been pluralized.
Swearing like a sailor.  Biting my nails.  Hoping when I have a terrible day, the people who know me will understand I'm x2 as sarcastic as usual because of that and almost never not them.

Where I Was Raised: Doesn't count as a city.  Barely enough people to be called a "town" and not a "village."  Anonymous New England.
I Study In: Any Collegetown, NE.
Where I Feel Most at Home: Boston (I love that dirty water. . .)
Where I Want to Live Next: NYC, baby.  There is only one Broadway.

Water.  Tea.  When I'm very good, Arnold Palmer or Cream Soda!

Then: Homeschooled from 1st grade all the way through 12th.  My education was a combination of my mother's ingenuity, a parochial correspondence program, 1,000+ hours at the library every month, and my own inquisitiveness.  I was introduced to Italian at 10 through movies & CDs, French by Kindergarten in Ballet classes, and Latin at 14, translating & diagramming Bible verses.
Now: Small liberal arts college in NE, where I major in Dance & Theater/Musical Theater while minoring in History.

Yes please.  Always.  All the time.  There is almost nothing I will not try to cook and even less I will not sample.

Guilty Pleasure:
Root beer floats.  Creamsicles. Travel. Staying up too late for an 8:00 am class the next day talking to Boyfriend.  Too much computer time.  Sparkly things.  True Blood. Cookie Dough. Bridezillas.
(Oh dear, that's just off of the top of my head.  This list is embarrassingly long.)

Field covered hills and winding roads, all shaded by pines and maples.  Every maple tree has a bucket come March.  White church steeple as marks the center of town - one traffic light (always red) greets you, a few miles over the bridge.   An old mill building, full now of quiet industry.  Cell phones rarely work, and cable is a new luxury.  The brick town hall is still the heart of the town and roads are named for families that have "always," lived there.

Ice Cream:
Are you offering me some? That would be awesome.
Soft Serve: Vanilla with Cherry Dip at DQ
Hard Serve: Anything with mint.  Or cookie dough.
Gelatto: Watermelon!

Jonesing For:
A kick-ass dance class.  

As In What I Can't Resist: Children/Babies.  Beautiful singing voices.  Boyfriend's new haircut. Weddings.
As In What Can Bring Me To My Knees: Friends who are not friends back.

Disclaimer: I don't think I look anything like these lovely people.  This is all according to what various people have said.
Sarah Bareillles, Penelope Cruiz.
You can stop laughing at me now.

(You just know there's more than one, don't you?)
Princess Bride.
(There are a 1,000 ties.  I'm trying to play nice here.)

Lela.  Lani.  Lei.  Lala.  Mom.  Mummy!
(Yes, the exclamation mark is part of it.)

Dance/Dancers.  Performance/Performers. Weddings.  Pointe Shoes.  Anything and everything Hugh Jackman does.

Lucky You

I don't sleep.  Ever.

Never forgot what I read as a girl in an interview with Sophia Loren: "I don't do regret: regret causes wrinkles.  And I don't do wrinkles - so I don't have regrets."

Never had so much as a sip of a Starbucks product.

Thrift Find of the Year:
A jewelry box full of my late Grammy's vintage brooches.

Now: Small liberal arts college.
Future/Hopefully: Columbia University for my DPT and Fordham Univeristy/The Ailey School for my MFA in Dance/Theater.

So Far: Trinidad & Tobago for Carnival, Spring Break 2011
Someday: Anywhere I can get.

Only in Church on Sunday's.

The scariest "X" in my life so far is my shoulder x-rays.  They showed me the images of my left shoulder, compared to a normal shoulder.  The difference was sort of disgusting and more than a little frightening.  Then they showed me the shoulder that needed surgery. . .

Yeah, I wish . . .

"It's not the amount of years in your life, it's the amount of life in your years."

"I believe everything in life can be solved by salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea."
Dancing.  Drinking tea.  Being in the woods.  Running water.  Conversation's with God.

Thanks for reading!  I got this from my friend Alivia's blog - my friends Sarah and Nicole have also alphabetized themselves, so please go ahead and read their lists!  If you want to participate, leave a link in the comments.


  1. oh this would be good for me to do right now, seeing as I can't sleep... staying occupied...

  2. I love your list! And girl, I am right there with you on about half of those bad habits :)

  3. Britt: I loved your list! So glad you played!

    Allison: thanks for starting this thing, and thanks so much for reading/commenting!

  4. oh to look like penelope cruz!! lucky, lucky lady!