Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekly Gratitude 7/2

It's that time of the week again: time to take stock of all the things that make life good.  The things that nourish the min, body, & spirit.  I'm very happy to be a Weekly Gratitude participant: it reminds me to put into context all the things that happen over the course of the week, and see them through a filter of thankfulness, instead of greed/frustration/indifference.  There are so many little joys in life!

*I guess that's the first thing I'm grateful for: the reminder to be grateful!  All week I tuck little moments aside, thinking "this is something to be thankful for come Friday."

*Thank you for a few days of sun.  They're much appreciated in this wet, cool summer!

*I'm so grateful for the space to have a garden, and that this new house had raised beds already in place for me.  I'm also grateful for how successful my little garden seems to be, and for the little buddy who my mom watches, who has been diligently helping me tend it.

*Thank you to my dear friend, for inviting me & the family to her wedding!  I cannot wait to be a part of it tomorrow this afternoon/evening.

*I'm so grateful for my friend's true happiness at her upcoming marriage.  I've known her my whole life and never known her happier.

*I'm very grateful to be living in a country/culture where I can worry about what I eat so that I look/feel my best. . . and not what I eat to survive.  If I eat to survive.

*Ditto with the pretty clothes and shoes and jewelry I purchased.  Usually I would consider these big indulgences for me since I "don't buy myself much."  They're HUGE indulgences as a member of planet earth, where so few citizens can purchase anything - for anyone at all.

*Thank you for my family & friends.  As ever, they're my world.

I hope all of you wonderful people have an amazing holiday weekend!


  1. what a lovely, lovely list. and what a wonderful quote: spiritual beings having a human experience--i certainly need to hang onto that thought this week!!

  2. Good luck with whatever you need to do this week!