Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update of Sorts

This is not the post I meant to write: I meant to write to you about the joys of my summer job.  The adorable children.  The feeling I'm doing something at least a little worthwhile.  Every weekday for the past two weeks, I've thought "I have to sit down and write a blogpost about this."  Every weekday I've come back and had other things to do and then suddenly it was very dark and I was very sleepy and I figured I could just write it tomorrow. . .

Unfortunately, today is another one of those weekdays.  However, I'm holding out hope for tomorrow night, since I've got tomorrow off (well, at the moment I have tomorrow off.  That could change at any moment) so while I have a full & busy day planned, I intend to slip some blogging in there!

Tomorrow features errands in the morning, lunch with members of Boyfriend's family, hitting up the local (relatively speaking) Borders closing sale (say it ain't so!), running into the mall (whopee, gift cards!), and maybe seeing Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  I know I'm terribly late on the whole "must see movie of the decade" thing.  But such is life when one works quite a bit and is living on a budget.  I'm so excited.  I just know I'm going to cry. . .

Till tomorrow!

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