Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Gratitude 8/5

Ok.  I'll be honest (not that I could hide it, I mean everything is archived after all).  This is much more a "gratitude of the month."  Woops!  So here is a list of those things I am most grateful for this week - and over the past month!

-I am grateful for this new month.

-Thank you for the chance to be a positive influence on my Camp kids.  Some of them are happy, healthy, loved, energetic, clean, smiling.  Others coolly inform me their parents are only bringing them because they're sick of them.  Some come with healthy, filling lunches and bright waterbottles.  Others come with Little Debbies Treats and Capri Sun pouches (and I'm not talking for snack or dessert folks.  I'm talking for their lunch).  I'm grateful for the chance to run, play, nourish, and explore with them.

-I'm grateful for employment.

-Thank you for friends who I never miss a beat with, no matter the gap between speaking.  For friends who understand, and never kick me when I'm down.  For loyal and loving and funny people to fill my days with.

-I'm grateful for finally getting to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 this week.  I cried from the WB logo virtually to King's Cross.  In more ways than I can fully explain, and cliche as it may be, Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood.  Mischief Managed, friends.

-Thank you for a Boyfriend who not only went with me to see HP7P2 (and for someone who never truly got into the books, going with a, erm, "fan" like me is a less than thrilling prospect) but buying the ticket and patting my back when the tears started to fall and not laughing once the lights went up on my splotchy face.

-Thank you for the chance to write a post for my friend's (much bigger, and very popular) blog!  More on that soon!

-I'm grateful that somehow, by the skin of my teeth and my mom's sacrifice, I'll be scrapping my way into affording this semester.

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