Thursday, September 1, 2011

Did You Hear the One About the Linebackers

. . . the old man in a back brace, the military woman, and the burning truck?  No?  Well here's the full story from Yahoo!

*Note: there is a research issue with this article - the author states the boys are from two different states which both have towns of the same name.  However, it is still worth a read.*

In short, these three young men saw a horrible accident involving a flaming pick up truck and a small family.  Through swift thinking, courage, and strength, they managed to save the father, three year old daughter, and pregnant mother.  They were aided by an older gentleman in a back brace, and a woman in the military.  These kinds of stories are a big part of why it's worth it to read/watch/listen to the news everyday.  Amidst all the tragedy and mess, there are occasional stories of hope and brotherly love.

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