Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekly Gratitude 9/2

It's Friday already!  The last Friday of my summer, in fact.  On one hand it feels like forever since I've been on campus or in class.  Surely it's been a hundred years since I was last in a rehearsal?  On the other hand, I can't believe my summer has disappeared already.  Where did it go?  Either way the first Friday of September is here, and it's time to reflect on the blessings of not only the week, but of my whole summer.

I'm so grateful for my awesome roommate.  Talking about everything we're going to do for our little condo and planning out the school year has made me really excited to head back!

Thank you for my summer job, where I had the chance to make good money as I helped kids.  There is nothing like being armed with crayoned pictures and oodles of hugs on your last day at home! 

I'm grateful for that moment when I collected my last paycheck for the summer.  Knowing I had only a few more things left to purchase, and would still have a bit of money left in the bank.  Knowing it was money I had earned myself, was making progress towards fully supporting myself.

Thank you for Boyfriend's awesome family.  His baby brother saw me after his first day of preschool and ran across the yard shouting "Lala I yuv you!  Lala!  Lala I yuv you!"  as his sister gave me a giant hug.  It's nice to feel at home with people who are so important to both of us.

I'm grateful for my own resilient little family.  We're like the Weebles - we "wobble but we don't fall down."  Through a thousand road blocks, false starts, unfair turns of fate, and frustrating circumstances we manage to find a way.  Each member of the family is strong and self-sufficient, managing to forge a future for themselves despite a weighty past and difficult present.

Thank you for a new crop of Professor's at my school.  As upset as I am to have lost several faculty I really admired and learned well from, I'm excited for new opportunities and challenges.

I'm really grateful for how cheaply I was able to purchase books this semester!  A little patience and a few hours online yielded my best results ever.

Thank you for rewarding work waiting for me.  I'm excited for Junior year to begin!

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  1. Thanks for your song suggestions! Sounds like you had a great week! Good luck at school!