Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Fun With Formatting

Hello loves!

It is that time of year again. . . time to play with the look and feel of this blog.  It's the change of another season in my life: not the annual season of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter (or as we call them in New England, Still Winter, Road Construction, Almost Winter, and Winter).  The seasons for me seem to correspond more with what is happening in my world.

For instance, today marks the beginning of what is officially summer for, since I had my last final (a voice jury I am proud to say I did really well on).  It is more than another summer though: it means moving out of this apartment soon, and away from a beloved roommate who I adore and who is soon headed to NYC with others of our friends to pursue her dreams of being a professional dancer.

It means juggling work - my jobs over the summer are always changing - family, and time with Boyfriend.  Like work, Boyfriend-and-Me time is always be renegotiated and reworked around the various demands on our time. It means working on boosting my resume, digging into my New Year's Resolutions.

It means more time for blogging with less time spend studying (although I fear sometime must yet be devoted to it).

It means saying goodbye to not only my Junior year, with all of it's ups, downs, ins, outs, and sudden left turn but saying goodbye to the first semester of my senior year in college.

I only have one more semester let, guys.  15 more weeks of schooling before the rest of my life in the rest of the world begins.  Oh dear.  Oh joy! Oh God.  Oh no.  Oh yes!  Oh. . . I don't know.

And so, as the seasons change within and around me, the blog gets fine tuned.  A face lift, a nip & tuck, a new form to transition into to match the ever changing pace of my life and truly reflect what is inspiring me now.

So if you are a faithful (and beloved!) followed, please pardon the appearance as we renovate.  If you're new to the blog or just stopping by during your internet wanderings, Welcome!  Please pardon anything strange looking, it's probably not done being added.  Do feel free to poke around, explore, and hopefully stay awhile.

Love always,


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