Friday, May 18, 2012

Such Ado (About Everything)

In case you hadn't noticed. . . some things have changed.  Most importantly, I think, is the name of this blog.  While I really, really, really loved A Space for Inspiration it was a necessary and painful change.  See, I discovered there is a lovely blog out there called Space for Inspiration.  It is a nice blog not at all like mine, and considerably older, with far more followers.  The titles were too close to each other - literally, just a single letter apart.  I wasn't comfortable with it and would never want anyone to think I had copied them or infringed on their creativity (I hadn't head of the blog before naming my own).  So I had to part with my beloved blog title. . .

Let me tell you, it was tricky.  Because A Space for Inspiration really captured the essence of what I wanted this space to be.  A collection of thoughts, ideas, images, feelings, events, people, quotes, adventures that inspired me.  How to choose a new title?

Well, if you look at the header you'll see I did in fact manage.  Ladies and gents, welcome to . . .  drumroll please. . .  "Such Ado (About Everything)"

First there is the obvious reference to Shakespeare, a connection I enjoy making being an actress and a writer, and on a more personal note because I will be inheriting from my mother the same thing she inherited from hers: Shakespeares Complete Works Unabridged, Oxford Edition each play plus a book of sonnets lovingly and individually bound.  So this title not only touches on writing and performing but on family, lineage, and the female bond as well.

The specific play I'm referencing his called Much Ado About Nothing: within its pages there is a huge, dramatic, hullabloo (much ado) over an even that didn't actually happen (about nothing).  In my life, there is an endless stream of hullabloo - blame it on being in the performing arts.  Pin it on being friends with actors.  Point to my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the rocky road to recovery.  Consider it a byproduct of my love for adventures.  But in the end, there is just no avoiding a ruckus.  Which is a golden reason to riff of this particular play title.

It also has an air of poking fun.  I think I am a somewhat tongue-in-cheek kinda gal, and acknowledging the madness in my life with a wink and a nudge feels appropriate.

The "About Everything" part of the title gives a hint about whats coming in the blog itself: a little bit of ev-er-y-thing.

Much Ado is also a personal favorite of mine: it's main lovers are the original opposites-attract prototype in western literature.  The first Darcy and Elizabeth.  Of all of Shakespeare's heroines (and I  love and feel kinship to almost all of them) I am most like Beatrice.  I am a Beatrice, a Lizzy Bennett: a little too rambunctious to be a proper lady, quick tongue, quick wit, a love of the absurd and keen to observe life.  A teensy bit wild.  A tiny bit fresh.  Devoted to family, unintimidated by rank/stature.  Well read, not always sure whats good for me. And of course, headstrong, passionate, and a great lover of dancing.

I hope, dear readers, you embrace this title as you have so graciously embraced my other ventures here.  Please click around and explore as I play with the site again!

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