Friday, June 29, 2012

At A Loss (For Words).

This doesn't usually happen to me. Silence. Generally speaking, I always have something to say, on almost any topic you choose. It runs deeper than that as well though. Like a thin vein of ore melted into the earth's crust that you could follow right to the world's own molten, blazing, burning red heart. It runs as deep as a creative personality and tightly wound nature. It runs as deep as the almost-endless cacophony of ideas, criticisms (generally aimed towards the self) itineraries and plans that careen about in my mind.

But today, everything is still. Hushed - but not soothed. Rather it is as though everything the noise, the thoughts, the feelings, the ideas have reached an apex and with that apex a pitch my tired self can no longer hear.

And so what I have to say tonight, my friends and handful of faithful, beloved followers, is nothing.

For tonight, everything is silenced. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to speak again. In the soft light of morning sometimes I think even the world holds its breath - in that pause mayhaps I will find my words again.

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