Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here's The Plan.

That's become my catchphrase lately.  "Here's the plan."  When I'm talking to my little kids at camp - "Ok, gang here's the plan," and then I outline the next few things on our schedule.  When Boyfriend and I are trying to figure out how to squeeze in all of the things we have to do in a day and actually manage to see each other (something that doesn't happen all that often, even though I divide my time between his family's house and my Mum's) I say "Here's the plan, babe."  When people ask me about Senior Year (dun dun dun!) and graduation (eeeeeeeekkkkk!!!) and similar nonsense I always respond with "Well, here's the plan . . . I think."  Although I usually keep the "I think," locked away in my brain (it sounds better there I think).

So ladies and gents. . . here's the plan.  I was thinking about all the days there are in the summer, and how much posting posting everyday actually is.  And then I started thinking about good topics and ideas so that I'd have something valid/interesting to say each of those days.  The plan right now is to post about the following topics, among others:

*Introducing: where I formally introduce more of the Cast of Characters who make up my life, sort of like yesterday's post about my two best friends.

*Weekly Gratitude where I write down everything I'm grateful for in the past week

*My regular health & fitness updates

*Posts about the creative process that is Aida

*This Week At Work: where I share the most ridiculous/exasperating/enjoyable/unbelievable things that happen each week as an Early Childhood Educator/Coach, self-employed teacher/coach/sensei, and other assorted jobs.

*Regular What I'm Reading and What I'm Watching posts.  Because I try to squeeze in book-and-movie time.

*Updates on the madness that appears to be my senior year.

*The Month In Pictures (self explanatory, no?)

Is there anything else you guys would like to see on here?  Updates about any area I'm missing, or things you'd like to know/read more about?  Please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Oh I love the Cast of Characters posts! People fascinate me. I'm one of those girls that walks around and daydreams I'm on some sort of reality tv show all of the time and everyone I meet and know is a character in my life.

    I am SO looking forward to more!