Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being Creative.

I decided - when I decided to start this whole daily bolgpost thing - to really make this the summer of change and growth.  To work on being a healthier, more motivated, more positive person, etc. etc. etc.  Well one of the keys to a kinder, gentler me is creativity.  So that's what this evening's post is about: some of the ways I have been and hope to continue to be, creative this summer.

Daily Blogposts: to make blogging a habit.  To "work on my words," since I believe articulate and impassioned conversation is the key to improving this world.  Because I like it. (does that last one sound childish?  It does, doesn't it.  Oh well. . . sometimes the inner child needs to come out to play.  I think.)

Playing Buddy:  Buddy is the name of a ukelele my friend gave me from his collection.  I've been dying to learn to play an instrument and the uke is portable, small, joyful sounding and supposed to be very simple.  In addition to some of the scales I learned during the school year, I'm working on learning some actual SONGS.

Rehearsing for "Aida,": just being in a room with so much creative, artistic energy - and especially the passion that seeps off of our director - makes me feel more inspired.  One of the best moment of the summer so far was as I whirled myself around in a half-circle in rehearsal, so fast the beads of sweat forming on my brow never got the chance to roll down my cheeks: as I whirled I also dropped my body in half in a big dramatic movement, while inhaling and preparing for my harmony. 

Working on the details of my characters: again, this one is for "Aida."  Creating stories, characters, depth to the people (granted, they are made up people) I'm portraying.  Creating a person entirely from scratch, with only music and dates to guide you, is the most creative experience imaginable.  And the rush you get when you know you've got it right - whether "it," is a tiny detail or something as important as "your," name - is unlike anything else.

Writing in my dance journal again: keeps me honest.

Letting myself play in the kitchen: I've always loved cooking and lately I've defaulted to a handful of easy recipes, instead of broadening my horizons.  No-no.

Making a list of projects for my apartment for this school year: dry erase boards, signs for doors, etc.

Does anyone else out there have any creative ideas they'd like to share?  Please let me know, anything to keep the juices flowing!  Or are you undertaking any creative ventures of your own?  Feel free to fill us in!

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