Monday, June 25, 2012

Day Off.

Today (Monday) is currently my day off. I say "currently," because I'm hoping to have a new, additional job soon. For now though, today is a nice respite in the midst of work and rehearsals. I woke up later than I had intended, because last night the patron saint of Insomnia chose to come sit on my shoulder. It was ok though because Monday I meet Sissy ( my little sister) mid-morning between her classes. If I wake up early, we meet in time for a nice early lunch. If I wake late, I can still squeeze in a lazy breakfast.

After hanging out with Sissy, I stopped into a store in the area I heard was hiring and applied. I happened to hand my paperwork in to the general manager and she gave me a quick interview on the spot, to my excitement. I was told to expect a call soon (yay!).

After that it was back to nap because of my bad night's sleep the night before and an upset tummy. When I woke up, Boyfriend and I ventured to the grocery store. We've been watching a whole lot of Chef Gordon Ramsey lately and that combine with his desire to start eating a bit better and saving money, has Boyfriend eager to learn in the kitchen.

After preparing dinner (orange chicken! From scratch! Actually quite delicious!) I read for a little bit and then we caught a late showing of "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter."

A movie I am far too exhausted to give a review to tonight. And so on that note I ask, interweb friends - what do you do on your day(s) off? Share in a comment please!

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  1. Haha, on my days 'off' I battle spending the whole day in bed. :)

    Thrifting usually gets the best of me though!