Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Gratitude (6/17 - 6/24)

Hey guys, remember when this was a thing? When Weekly Gratitude was exactly that, a weekly list I publicly published, to remind myself of my blessings and send out a little positive energy? I do! It's been a while though so if you don't it's ok. I promise.

Here is a refresher course, in case you can't recall just how it works. Every weekend I write a post listing the things/people/situations/etc. in my life over the past week that I am grateful for. And believe me, I have a lot to be thankful for. Why then would this simple thank-you list fall by the wayside? I have no excuse, folks. But what better time than now, during the Summer of Recreating Myself (with its daily blogposts), to start back up again?

And so here you have it, folks. My first Weekly Gratitude of the summer, beginning with:

* I am so grateful for my literacy. In a world where so much of the population can neither read nor write, and where MOST females are entirely illiterate, I am incredibly blessed to even have means to write this down. Let alone the countless worlds and opportunities opened up for me through the key of reading.

*Thank You for the news of my Aunt's seemingly successful rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, and for the medical staff who treated her.

*Thank You for music. There is something too it that stirs my soul, where it sits nestled by my heart beneath my breastbone. A beautiful piano or well strummed guitar can make that secret place hum.

*I'm so grateful for the chance to be a part of "Aida." Rehearsals have become the highlight of my week, the thing I endlessly look forward too when it isn't occurring.

*Thank You for my family (biological and we-adopted-each-other), my friends, Boyfriend, and his family (who love and treat me 110% as their own) what is life without love, after all?

*I'm grateful for a job at all - especially one where I get to teach, play with, influence, and mold children. And also, swim. A lot on hot days.

*Thank You for the sunshine and someplace to cool off when it shines too bright.

*I'm grateful for friends who are there in a pinch with a smile.

What are you grateful for this week, friends?

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