Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dancing On My Grave

The autobiography "Dancing On My Grave," tells the story of Gelsey Kirkland, one of the foremost ballerina's of a generation.  On her slender shoulders the weight of New York City Ballet was placed during it's - and her - formative years.  Her story is one of artistry, passion, commitment, struggles,  and triumph and is one I read years ago, in high school.  Now I am rereading it for a college class and right on the very first page, one paragraph in I was reminded why I love this book, how clearly her voice speaks to me through the pages and through my fingertips and eyes and right into my heart.  Here is a quote from the first page:

"When I was still young enough to catch fireflies and collect them in a jar, I already possessed my own inner world of dancing lights and fantastic creatures, an imaginary world where dreams were kindled.  Like the character of Clara. . . in the ballet 'The Nutcracker,' I fell for the beauties of the night.  I experienced dreams as if they were real, unable to distinguish them from the world outside my mind."

This was my experience exactly, captured in ink and paper and prose.  I'm so delighted to be delving back into this book!

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