Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy and Healthy.

I got back from rehearsal at about 11:45 tonight.  I was tired, but neither exhausted nor cranky- and my mood was only going to get better.  Waiting for me was a package containing my new Nikes!  Not the nicest or the best - honestly, they were the cheapest I could find - but new and comfortable and holding promise of an early morning jog tomorrow.  I was absolutely chipper as I headed into my late-night routine: making lunch for tomorrow, setting out breakfast, unpacking from rehearsal, changing for bed, pilates or yoga or meditating in some combination and of course this blog.

As I brushed my teeth, I realized something: I'm taking care of myself.  I am making myself healthy and nourished and strong, body-mind-spirit.  I've always known how to tend myself.  I've known the steps to take, the way along the healthy-living path.  But I've never committed to truly doing it for myself.  Now I am, and I feel the difference.  The way my body responds to me, the joy that sleeping is, the ease which waking comes with.  The slowly changing shape of my body, as the Athlete reappears from beneath the Patient.  I laugh easier and smile longer and am living a life that feels full and rounded, content and peaceful and rhythmic but never stagnant.

I love my tea in the mornings.  My stretching in the evenings.  My time in my own mind to express, devoted to this little blog.  My muscled calves and daily, varied fruit salads for lunch.  This is nourishing yourself, and it's wonderful.  I recommend everyone give it a try!

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